Anchor Grill

Located at: 438 W Pike St Covington, KY 41011, Click to Open in Google Maps

With the motto, “We may doze, but we never close,” the Anchor Grill has been a staple of Covington for over 60 years. A cash-only restaurant, the Anchor Grill serves a variety of foods from eggs and toast to bacon cheeseburgers and the local signature dish of Goetta. The Anchor Grill’s clientele loves the jukebox, which is equipped with an assortment of toy figures that dance to the music. Many patrons come in at night and walk straight to the jukebox to pick out a song before grabbing a seat and placing their order. The jukebox, laid-back atmosphere and stick-to-your ribs food make Anchor Grill a memorable dining experience. This site is on the Unexpected Covington Tour. Open to the public.

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