Burton Row

The Burton Row townhomes were built on the site of the original Burton Flats which were constructed in 1902 at the corner of Sixth and Garrard Streets. They were designed by architect William P. Bausmith and financed by banker Jonathan David Hearne.

From its beginning, the building had the latest of amenities: refrigerators, freight and passenger elevators, a telephone system and electric door openers. The only ominous happening in its early years was that painter George B. Shepherd fell to his death during construction. The building then settled into decades of happy habitation by its residents, the first of whom were moving into its units in January 1903.

The edifice fell into neglect during the neighborhood’s decline, leading to its demolition in 1986 after a series of fires. The following year saw the construction of the current building, the townhomes known as Burton Row, six units each with a unique floor plan. Luckily, architectural remnants of the original building were incorporated into the new design, including the iron balconies that are visible on the front façade,

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