Frank Duveneck Arts and Cultural Center

The Frank Duveneck Arts and Cultural Center honors the career of world-renowned artist Frank Duveneck. Born the son of German immigrants in 1848, Duveneck served an art apprenticeship with the Benedictine monks before attending an art academy in Germany. He opened an art school in Florence, Italy, but when his wife died, Duveneck returned to Covington. Although he became director of the prestigious Cincinnati Art Academy, he always lived in Covington. Duveneck died in 1919, but his legacy lives on through his art in such places as the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption and the Cincinnati Art Museum. Today, the Frank Duveneck Center, located at 1232 Greenup St in Covington, is home to a thriving art, dance and writing studio, providing positive outlets for young and old.



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