Goose Girl Fountain

Inspired by the Goose Girl fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, this fountain was created to commemorate the area’s German settlers and the many goose farms which used to be in Covington. Cincinnati sculptor Eleftherios Karkadoulias was commissioned by the Covington Mainstrasse Committee to create the statue of a young girl on her way to market, carrying a goose under each arm. Cast in bronze, the sculpture is 15′ tall. Using his daughter as a model, Karkadoulias cast it using the “lost wax” method. The fountain was erected and unveiled in October 1980.

The fountain is located in George Steinford Park, also known as the Sixth Street Promenade. A wide promenade that separates West 6th Street which serves as the heart of outdoor activity in MainStrasse Village.  The park was named for George Steinford (1900-1980), Kenton County Commissioner and State Representative who lived at 513 West 6th Street. Prior to their passing, George and his wife, Rose, through their generosity, had provided poor children of the Northern Kentucky region with gifts for Christmas every year since the 1930’s.  A mission which still continues today through the Rose & George Steinford Toy Foundation.



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