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Governor’s Point

Governors Point Condominiums sits on an historic site. In 1869, well known Covington resident Amos Shinkle built the Shinkle “Castle” on the site. The 33-room mansion was home until his death on November 13, 1892. In 1909 the family donated the home to the Women’s Social Department of New York City, a branch of the Salvation Army.
The Shinkle Mansion was operated as a home for young unmarried women and their newborn babies. In 1914, prominent Covington citizens approached the Women’s Social Department with a plan to convert the mansion into a hospital.
With enthusiasm by the members of the Salvation Army, the new hospital was named the William Booth Memorial Hospital. William Booth was the founder of the Salvation Army.
The mansion was demolished in 1920 and the new hospital was built in 1925. After several additions and 65 years of service the hospital was closed in 1979.
On May 7, 1982 Governors Point Condominiums, a Riverside Development Corporation project, had its grand opening. The 8-million dollar project converted Booth Memorial Hospital into luxury condominiums in the historic Licking River Community.

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