Henry Farny Art Park

Henry Farny, who is best known for his realistic paintings of Native American Indian culture, had a home and studio in the Westside of Covington from 1890-1907. He often traveled out West, where he spent time with the Sioux. Occasionally his friend, Ogallala Fire, lived with him in Covington. The Sioux named Farny “Long Boots,” which was symbolized by a circle with a dot in the center. Farny was very proud of the name and always signed all his paintings with the symbol as well as his signature. When the city designated the Westside as the Artist Residential District, members of the Westside Action Coalition joined with the Old Seminary Square Neighborhood Group to create the Henry Farny Art Park in honor of this former resident. The park is located at the corner of Banklick and Robbins Streets in West Covington.

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