Licking River Greenway & Trails

The Licking River Greenway & Trails is a multi-community Northern Kentucky effort to create an urban greenway from the mouth of the Licking River to the I-275 loop. Still relatively new in its development, the trails system seeks to eventually connect neighborhoods and businesses on both sides of the river via a continuous green corridor along the Licking River valley adjacent to the communities of Newport, Covington, Wilder, and Taylor Mill, Kentucky.

Greenways, Parks, Rivers, Bike and Walking Trails, are among the top priorities of many Northern Kentucky residents who want more greener space and outdoor activities for its urban centers.

Beginning with the Licking River Master Plan, commissioned by Vision 2015 in 2008,  the ideas brought forth from the plan proposed a trail system to not only create an urban green corridor for Northern Kentuckians, but also to help in the stabilization of the riverbanks, by removing invasive species and restoring native plants, trees, and wildlife in the Licking River Valley. In addition, it also called for the 5‐mile corridor, between the confluence with the Ohio River and the I‐275 overpass, to be established with a multi‐level trail system that connected neighborhoods with historical, educational, and cultural institutions and recreational facilities.

Covington was the first city to begin implementation of the trail. The Licking River Greeway and Trail broke ground in Covington in 2010 and to date has grown to be more than five miles long, connecting the neighborhoods of Latonia, Wallace Woods, Austinburg, Eastside, and Historic Licking Riverside.

This recreational trail is intended for use by pedestrians, joggers, strollers, skaters, skate boarders, cyclists, and other non motorized vehicles.

Trail access can be found behind Holmes High School at the corner of Lavassor and Eastern Ave. Additional locations to find the trail include the dead end of E 16th Street, Clayton-Meyer Park and behind Randolph Park. Covington’s trail includes 1.5 miles of nature trail, .75 miles of paved trails, and approximately 2.5 miles of trail utilizing sidewalk and road infrastructure.



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