The Rugby

Located at:  622 Sanford St Covington Kentucky 41011    Navigate to Location    

Since its construction in the 1840s, 622 Sanford Street, better known as the Rugby, has served as both a place of learning and private residence. The structure originally housed Reverend William Orr’s Covington Female Seminary. Henry Bruce, Jr., a Covington businessman, purchased the property in 1853. John Roebling was invited to stay with the Bruce family in 1856. During the Civil War, the Withers family, prominent tobacco merchants, acquired the home and Sallie Withers Bruce Morris, widow of Confederate financier Eli Bruce, retained ownership until 1907. On April 16, 1868, the remains of Confederate General John Hunt Morgan lay in repose. The Rugby name was bestowed on the house when the Rugby Institute, a private school, moved there in 1898. The Institute closed in 1906 and the property was sold shortly thereafter. For much of the 20th Century the building served as apartments, though it has since been fully restored as four condominiums.

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