The Trinity Episcopal Church

The first Episcopal services in Covington were held on May 8, 1842.  The original church was a small framed building at the corner of 5th and Madison Avenue.  At a meeting held on November 24, 1842, the congregation voted to establish a parish under the name of Trinity Church.  Today, it is the second largest parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington.

Located at 16 East 4th Street, Trinity Episcopal Church was constructed between 1857 and 1859. The church structure is an excellent example of Gothic Revival style, showing the influence of medieval designs on Anglican church building during that period.

The building is in the shape of a cross but with only the south transept completed.  The timber and truss roof lies above a brick and stone masonry structure.  In the 1871 expansion, rebuilt after the 1872 fire, a 2 story guild hall was constructed to serve the church.

On Thanksgiving Day 1888 the new façade, featuring a 103 ft. bell tower with 10 chimes and a round baptistry, was dedicated. The bells ranged in size from one ton to 200 lbs with the four largest dedicated to the Evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Interior appointments include a brass pulpit, an “eagle” lectern, and wood carvings. A Tiffany-designed window lights the transept. The last enhancements to the building were in 1961 and 1962, which included a classroom and offices.  Three tranquil gardens surrounding the grounds are maintained by church members.

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